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Welcome to my website, and my world of cars. After looking over the various articles I’ve posted here you’ll have no doubt that cars are indeed my life.

Women and Cars

It’s hard to deny that cars and women go hand in hand. Just wander through any auto show and you’ll see what I mean — beautiful women clad in bikinis, standing by each car. Marketers know what they’re doing — stick a hot woman next to a new car, and sales of that model go up. Is it right that this is the way it is? Who cares, there is no denying that this is how it is.

When a guy in his late forties buys a Corvette convertible, what is he hoping to achieve? Does he really just love that car, and is buying it to gratify his love for cars? Unlikely. It’s more likely that he wants to cruise down the street, getting looks and comments from young women.

Even men who pay for sex — guys who use the services of call girls — like to pull up to their date in a nice vehicle. It shouldn’t matter — they’re paying for sex, so there’s no need to try to impress the escort. But they still like to do it. They can’t help themselves. I knew a guy in Massachusetts who made dates with Boston escorts on a regular basis. And, no surprise, he made sure to own, and drive, a Mercedes. He wanted the escort to know he “was somebody.”

Will this ever change? Should it change? I would argue that those are pointless questions. As long as there are men, women and cars, the three will always be tied together in some way.

Car Alarm Still The Best Theft Deterrent

Unfortunately, we share the earth with lots of untrustworthy people. If getting the car stolen would produce a problem for you, you need a car alarm. There can be a lot of terrible things that happen to innocent people all over the world, and there are things that can be done to prevent crime. Even so, if your car sits outside and not in your garage, you really need to do something to keep it safe. Given that only some cars come with a built in alarm, you may need to add one.

Car Alarm

You definitely do not wish to have your car stolen, and there are safeguards you can take. There should never even be a doubt about it, but a security alarm is a great thing. Ordinarily a car thief doesn’t have any idea there’s an alarm until he accidentally sets it off. And you are not only protecting your car from being stolen, but also any valuable items you may leave in it.

The racket can be so loud that most would-be thieves will run off immediately. Think of having your car outside your residence and the alarm goes off. Regardless of the time of day it happens to be, it should cause enough commotion that no one would hang around long enough to finish robbing your car.

You should see whether your car featured an alarm, and if it did, learn everything you can about it. You need to know what can set it off, and the way to turn it off. And make sure it’s working — it will do you very little good if it’s not. Car alarm systems do their job very well, so buy one if your car doesn’t have one. Studies have shown that in Boston car theft rates dropped dramatically as car alarm sales increased. You can actually listen to lots of individuals tell their tales of how their car was broken into, and something valuable was stolen, and then they get an alarm so it wouldn’t happen again. Naturally, you want to buy a security alarm before anything bad happens.

Talk to your local car dealership to find out which system might be best for your car. The right alarm won’t cost too much but still provide the features you need. It can be one thing to have a garage to park your automobile at night, but if not, and you must park outside, you need protection. If you need to leave your vehicle parked for long periods while you’re at work or in the mall, the same thing applies.

Even if you do not leave things in your car, they get broken into for stereo systems, radios, CDs, even fuel. A car alarm that produces a raucous noise will scare off most people who are breaking in, especially if they are only kids.

Anyone Can Do Basic Car Diagnostics

Automobile problems don’t have to be for specialists only, and there are a few ways you can troubleshoot problems and solutions. By asking common-sense and simple questions, car diagnosis becomes a lot less complicated than some others make it out to be. If your car is suffering from issues, this article will detail some routes you can take in order to check your car.

Car Diagnostics

Ask yourself, and check to see, if you can find any spots under your vehicle, which might be stains or drops of fluid. To know if there can be any problems you need to check for wet spots, which may be no problem at all, or the symptom of a serious problem. If there’s a liquid, what color might it be? An overheated engine or an antifreeze leak can display as yellowish-green, blue or orange colors.

Several issues that might need to be remedied include a water pump and a radiator. Whenever this is the issue, the repair shop is where you need to head immediately. If the engine is definitely seeping oil, it will show up as a black oily fluid, or dark brown fluid. An engine leak is quite expensive and is the result of a bad seal or gasket, which means you’ll need to get it repaired immediately. See this Boston Globe article for more.

When the stain you find is red oily looking, then the leak is most likely the transmission or the power steering. You will probably need to find that dependable mechanic again. Once in a while there is a clear liquid, and this is natural condensation that comes from the air conditioner from your vehicle, and with this, no concern is necessary. I do know a guy in Boston who does his own work, but that’s somewhat rare — it usually takes a qualified mechanic to do the job.

A tow truck is necessary if you have a stuck brake and light smoke is coming from the steering wheel. You just about always have to have a repair if you see any smoke coming from your car. Individuals with a perceptive sense of smell can often track down where the smoke is coming from. Burning insulation and even electrical shorts will often smell like burned toast. You don’t need to be an escort in Boston to figure this out.

If your car fails to start and you detect gas, it probably only means that you flooded the engine. Try once again after waiting for several minutes. In case the gas odor doesn’t disappear, a leak in the fuel system could be the problem. This will need immediate attention, because it might be a dangerous problem, potentially. Stop and pull over any time you notice vapor coming from under the hood. If the vehicle overheats, make sure you stop the instant you can safely. Engine breakdown is probable if you go on driving, so a tow truck is a right course of action.

All you have to to do is think about some common-sense questions, and just observe these simple guidelines. Even before you ask for the auto mechanic, you will understand what problem your car might be having.